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You should not leave things to chance or amateurs. We use the appropriate techniques for each individual project, our methods are achieved by know-how not by chance, our experience and process oriented workflow allows us to offer cost effective solutions.


Whether you are looking to hire a paint contractor for your commercial, industrial or corporate building, these simple guidelines should take a lot of stress out of painting your space.


Check out there work, take a look at there portfolio. An easy way to see if a paint contractor is suitable for your job is by taking a look at their portfolio, they may show you photographs, or videos or even let you take a tour of their current work. This will give you a feel of how capable they are.

Ask for potential paint contractors to inspect the area you wish to have painted and ask them for a sample of what they can do.

Great contractors will listen and respond to your needs, they will have exceptional communication skills. You should be well informed about what to expect from your paint job and how they will go about it.

Since they listen they should be pro-active in giving you alternatives. Painting contractors should have the ability and skills to provide

you with alternatives in regards to materials and innovative ways to do the job.

Do your internet research.

Search the web for painting contractors, resources and information in your area. By searching you will be able to narrow down your search and better select the most suitable for your job. You should be able to see pictures/videos of there work, be able to get references.

Ask for references, this will give you certainty that you will receive a reliable service.

Ask for an estimate in writing so that you can bi in control of costs. An accountable painting contractor will give you a reliable and professional estimate for your job.

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